A week of hard work

We finally had a chance to spend a full week at the site to push forward on all sorts of things. We packed the kids and the dogs into the car, loaded it with all sorts of other materials and went to Buseruka at 6am last week Saturday.

Everday we worked for about 10 hours: completing the mosaic floor, scraping concrete off the stones in the restaurant, designing the huge lamp shade, digging trenches, erecting the solar heater, planting and weeding, filling and sanding the walls, giving advise on how to instal the toilets and sinks, receiving 12 mattresses and solar heaters way past midnight on the truck from Kampala and many, many more things. Every evening we collapsed at around 8pm in our tents and looked forward to the next day and more work.

It seems like a million things still need to be done, but we are truly moving at a very fast pace. The next truck with beds, tables, and lots of cables for our solar system will arrive soon and Stefan is bound to go back to the site in 10 days.

But take a look yourself and see the progress!  


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