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Kikonko is open for business!

For all of you who have followed our blog for some time - we are finally open! Lake Albert - viewing it from your sunbed Our manager Abbe (who now changed his name from Albrecht to Albert in order to make it easier for the Ugandans to remember his name) has really done an amazing job with the final touches! So Kikonko has opened its doors on the 6th of December 2019. The first guests came and absolutely loved the scenery, the food, the comfortable beds and the swimming pool. Now a whole new aera has begun: marketing, marketing and marketing. Stefan has become very conversant with social media marketing and Steffi talks to pretty much any safari car driver she can find on the roads of Kampala.  Our stickers are in the making and so are our new business cards and flyers. Please check out our website:  Kikonko Lodge or view us on Tripadvisor:  Kikonko Lodge on Tripadvisor