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Kikonko is coming together!

The work progressed with big steps! I (Steffi) was at the site recently and checked on the work of the electrician, the plumber and the roofing guys. It was very impressive to see that the cottages are nearly done - ok, at least in comparison to how they were before 😉 The plastering (verputzen) of the wall as started so that I was able to imagine how our first guests might feel when they spend their night at Kikonko. Take a look for yourself!

Romantic views

Stefan is on the site right now and decided to spend the night there yesterday. This gave him a chance to take a lot of "romantic" pics and enjoy the view over the lake when the sun was setting. Slowly, slowly, one gets an idea how it will feel like when the restaurant and cottages are fully finished and one can relax in a comfy chair with a cold drink and nice company taking in the breathtaking view of the lights on the lake and the Blue Mountains in the distance.