Steffi in action

Last weekend was the first time for me (Steffi) to be at Kikonko more or less by myself! Stefan and the kids are in Germany and Richard was taking care of things in Hoima. So it was me and the builders!
This is how the final mosaic looks like!
This gave me time to work on a floor mosaic in the restaurant and to start with more mosaic work in the bathrooms. It felt so good to finally be able to do something myself! After all these months of giving advise and watching how the place was built out of nowhere, it was now my time to be creative, to look for stones, break them and lay the mosaic.
I am trying to crack the stones so that they fit neatly into each other

At the same time the screeding (Estrich) was put in so that the final treatment of the floor can start next week. The bathroom ceiling is being worked on by our super handy man Issac and the guard house at the entrance has nearly been finished by Fred our roofing expert.

I am discussing with Issac the color of the poles for the ceiling in the bathroom
Isaac sands the poles and paints them

I am selecting stone slates of a particular thickness for the mosaic

Work in progress... The mosaic on the bathroom wall

Coming up with an evenly curved line in such a huge space was a challenge!

Julius is advising on how to attach the pieces to the floor

It is always good to be watched while working ;-)

Our flooring specialist Faisal (left), our constructor Wandera (middle) and Ivan discuss the leveling of my mosaic so that it can later on fit with the screeding. Toffy seems to have an opinion as well!!

Gerald ensures that the level is correct
Gerald carefully cleans the joints between the stones
On top of the escarpment is KIKONKO!!


  1. Hallo Stefan, hallo Steffi,

    sehe die Website zum ersten mal und bin wirklich beeindruckt! Tolles Projekt! Chapeau, Chapeau!

    Weiterhin viel Erfolg und Glück!


    1. Lieber Bernd, danke für Deine Nachricht!

      Ja, das ist in der Tat ein tolles und sehr herausforderndes Projekt! Ich hoffe, Du kommst es Dir mal anschauen, wenn es fertig ist!

      Herzliche Grüße aus Kampala,



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