More progress

Every building project has its up and downs. After some updates from our business partner Richard that didn't sound quite so promising, we packed the children and our dog in the car and spent a weekend in Hoima to check on the progress and to find solutions to the challenges.

It turned out that our trip was very timely so that we could take some crucial decisions: the layout of the restaurant had to be slightly changed to match the sloping of the underground, the kitchen windows were improved to allow for more light and better air circulation, the first planting of pencil cactus along the fence was started, and the carrying pillars of the cottages were strengthened. 

Here we are discussing the extra windows for the kitchen:
Builders stop their work to enlarge the windows

We let our engineer know how to enlarge the windows

The building of the kitchen


The roofing of the cottages has also started. Our roofing expert Fred brought his team of 5 and they are now fixing the hundreds of grass bundles on the roof.
The grass needs to lie on a "bed" so that the termites don't eat it

One by one the bundles are tied to the wooden poles

It is quite amazing how much material is needed to build the lodge. Here are the hundreds of bricks that are needed for the foundation of the restaurant.
Amelie is checking out the piles of bricks
The truck with the bricks has arrived, every single brick is counted

The foundation of the last cottage is being discussed.
The foundation for the restaurant was quite a challenge...
We were discussing at length how to solve the problem that the underground is not leveled at all
Finally we agreed on steps that we marked in the building plans
 After a long and HOT day at the site, we all relaxed for a bit in the cool shade of the grass beds.

It was indeed a successful day!

And Toffy even chased away the baboons that were ready to steal the lunch of the people working at the site! Maybe this means that the baboon problem can be addressed with a dog that permanently resides at Kikonko!


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