Challenge of the day: wood preservative

The structures are standing and the roofing can start.
The only challenge that presents itself right now is: how to get wood preservative?? I spent the whole morning calling different companies trying to find Tanalith C, which is the stuff that is needed to preserve the wooden poles of the roof against termites. Without it, the termites will nicely chew away on our lodge and in no time the roof will collapse. 

"Tanalith C, ah no madam, we are out of stock." is the answer to my question.
"When will you get more?"
"Ah, maybe soon."
"How soon is soon?", I am getting slightly impatient.
"After some weeks."
"After how many weeks exactly?"
"Maybe after three or four weeks."

Aha, there was my answer finally. Three to four weeks! That is way too long, the builders are on the site and we were hoping to have the first cottage roofed by next week.
So, next shop. 

"Tanalith? Ah, no, we don't have that."
Again, new google search, new shop. New call.

"Madam, maybe you can call someone in town. He might know." Ok, fine, I got the number of the "someone" in town only to find out that the someone in town had no idea whatsoever. 

Again, I got another number. 
"Hello? Ogambadji?" Oh no, this seemed to be a Luganda speaker. 
"Do you speak English Sir?" 
"Njabo, Luganda only." 
"Ok, sorry, I will call again later with someone who speaks Luganda." No idea, whether he understood me. 
However, he had said "yes" to my question about wood preservative. Turns out, he is the one!! They have it! Now I only had to organize someone to go to the place who speaks Luganda with a jerry can and buy it for me.
And apparently you don't just get 10 litres of wood preservative, but you first ask the seller to pour it on the ground for you. If it foams in brownish color, it is the right stuff. If not, they are trying to cheat. Then you don't just get a 10 litre jerrycan full, but you give them a 1 litrel bottle and then ask them to fill the bottles 10 times and fill it into the jerrycan. In this way you can be sure to have bought exactly 10 lites. Wow! This was like a major undertaking today!!

And this is how it should like in the end:
The wood preservative is being put on the poles!


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