Where is BUSERUKA?

Buseruka. You might ask youself "What?" and "Where on earth is this place?" Even we had problems in the beginnig to get the name right: Busereka, Baseruka, Burekesa?

No, we are building in BUSERUKA and do you know why?

Well, if you look at this, you will know why:

The land has an amazing view over Lake Albert and in the distance you can see the mountains of Congo. At night the fishermen go out with their boats and use lights to attract the fish. It is truly amazing! You might think that you are looking down onto a city - only to realize the next morning that there is absolutely nothing but NATURE and water.

So where exactly is Buseruka?

Buseruka is in Western Uganda, between two well-visited National Parks - Murchison and Queen Elizabeth. It is about 4 hrs away by car from Kampala, the capital of Uganda and about 30 minutes away from Hoima, the next biggest town.

Near to Buseruka are the building sites of the new international airport Kabaale and an oil refinery.

All in all there is A LOT of potential for the site and the upcoming lodge - not only in regards to the beautiful nature, but also in regards to the developments in the area!


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