Running around like a head-less chicken ...

... this is how Richard must feel at times. Amongst the things he organizes on a daily basis are transport issues of all sorts of things (machinery, poles, food, people, materials and so much more), the water truck deliveries and its break-downs, contracts with people, negotiating prices, ensuring the right materials in the right quantity are being loaded, conserving trees and nature as crazy wheel loaders and excavators are moving over the land, calculating sizes of soak pits and septic tanks, defending the team from the aggressive baboon and negotiating prices of capturing it, fighting the termites, getting grass oin huge quantities to the site and and and and ...

This post is to thank Richard for being such a crucial person in this project and for taking his job 200% seriously!

And another update: the foundations are being laid today!!! We are certainly moving into the right direction!


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