Our water business

The land in Buseruka is DRY! Well, when we bought it, we had obviously thought that we would simply drill a borehole and that this would give us water. Hmmm, after the water engineer came to the land and asked two very simple questions "Do you have a palm tree on the land?" and "Do you have termites?" and we had to answer "No" to both (well, actually, the termites somehow found their way to us now) it was clear for the engineer that there is no water whatsoever. Drillig a borehole would not work, getting water through pipes from the lake was also not an option.

So we decided to buy a water truck and supply ourselves.

Here is our truck with its unique colors! Stefan quickly designed a small advertisement flyer for it.
We also saw that some of the villages nearby our construction site have very little water and that people struggle to get water for their every day lives. We bought four 10.000 litre water tanks and positioned them in strategic places, employed two ladies who look after the tanks and sell the water in 20 litre jerrycans.
The truck is addionally providing water to different construction projects and to small farmers or other small businesses that are water dependent.

Even our architects clearly admire it ! ;-)


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