For all of you who thought that coming up with a name for the lodge is an easy task: this is to tell you that it is NOT.

  • Should the name represent something on the land?
  • Should it represent a feeling?
  • In which language should it be?
  • Does the name need to have a meaning?
  • Who can pronounce it?
  • Does the name exist elsewhere?
  • Do we all like it?
  First ideas materialize (after we had ruled out Amani Lodge and Muziiri)

At some point the word "escarpment" (Steilhang) came up, which means in Runyoro (the language of the people in Buseruka) "KIKONKO"



After some feedback that the red writing with the red dot would give the impression of a Japanese sushi restaurant, we changed the color 

At some point we thought we could mix different words, such as KIREREZI (light) and KIKONKO (escarpment) and we came up with KIRONKO

Again, we got some feedback: this time the word Kironko could be misunderstood by the local population: "I think the name Kironko can be confusing to the locals.  They will think we got the spelling wrong. Kiro = means night time in Runyoro" was the comment from Richard.
And "relaxing on the edge" was also not well received, since it sounds as if the relaxing is a stressful thing at our lodge.

So, back to Kikonko, maybe this time with a different color and a new slogan:

We have come a long way and are getting closer to what we want as a name and logo. Feedback is always welcome!


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